Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's official...

laundromat united dot blogspot is extinct....

Long live

Got a new 35minute mix up there. Go download and have fun.

Thanks for comin' round.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Gone for a minute

Blah blah blah, busy/falling off/apathetic, blah blah blah...blah LAUNDROMAT UNITED HALLOWEEN MIX/JUMPOFF IN YOUR MOTH EATEN ATTIC SOME TIME SOON blah blah blah so real, so scary. (ghoulish laughter + wind + event horizon)

  • Paul Z-Yea
  • Dred Bass-World Of Music (apollo 13 remix)
  • The X-New Dawn (remix)

    Nina Simone sample, the boom, etc.
  • Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    regional regional regional

    Zion i-The Bay (Remix Chopped&Screwed)

    The c&s'ed version of the remix of Zion i's "The Bay" that was getting some good burn. This has undoubtedly been posted somewhere already, but i got bad allergies, so i dont care. I was surprised when I got the call from the spot that this came in. I was even more surprised when it didnt suck. I guess promo white label copies are dropping around the bay sans actual sleeves.

    What the fuck the bay gonna talk about if it ever did blow up?

    Devin the Dude is performing in San Francisco? Damn.

    Friday, August 19, 2005

    i'm the man your father never was

  • Outsidaz-The Rah Rah & Macosa

    I know i posted this shit here or my old mp3 blog, but the girl said she was at fat beats in NYC, and whenever i hear 'fat beats' i think of 'the rah rah,' cause once when i was at the old los feliz spot, j-rocc flipped doubles of it something crazy and that shit blew my mind for months. Basically every time i went there, either j or rhettmatic was doing something crazy but the rah rah doubles was the shit that stuck with me.

    I like eminem's verse on macosa, but just cause its like his 'any man' verse, which is funny as fuck. But actually the only good part is the mental image is of him tagging up subway trains whilst hanggliding. And him name checking dr. octagon dates that shit nicely...

    teh randoms
  • What the hell is good with the sneaker world? This Diamond Dunk shit is so foolish. two niketalk threads that have over 100 pages? no thanks. im coo with my 55 dollar undftdXproKeds shits.

  • HoustonSoReal gots that flyer for that Chingo Bling jump in the Big City...Shit, that flyer is that THAT. You know?

  • Leftside Gangbang with the Oxy and old man catchdubs. Everyone in the world is old but me.

  • Shameless self-promo: my gay ass music MySpace page and Lambo's far less homo page. Oh, and add my friend khingz cause he fucts with mybeats. Plus: The dopest red-headed chilean MC i ever worked with and who was too fuckin talented to yell once he got back from Chile so he didnt have to rap over my beats and shit...Ladies and gentleman, that is fuckin Pat Parra and he will fuck everyone up..'bike riding' is the future...and yes there is also his ridiculously talented brother (filmmaker and all that) Relatedly: dudes who love shoes and hold guns while showing off their legs are really disrespecto.
  • Friday, August 12, 2005


  • TWDY-Player's Holiday

    Dude, you think I dont know that posting this song up is like posting the macarena or something? Stairway to Heaven? Shit, do you think I care? There's a girl in my picture and Im flying high, so step the fuck back and have a party for me.

  • Cedric IM Brooks-Lamb's Bread Collie

    Fine, just mellow out to this.
  • Friday, August 05, 2005

    The Next New Bay?

  • BUMP and YMR - Mi Barrio

  • YMR- The Bay

    BUMP (Bay Unity Music Project) and YMR (Youth Movement Records) are two Bay (duh) Youth (duh x 2) music programs where high school cats get to work in a studio environment with ill equipment and get advice from some people who have been in the game for a minute (Zion i appears on the BUMP album, for example). Both have put out full length albums that are pretty ridiculous. (as in good)

    Of course with any youth endeavor there are bound to be some hiccups, but a lot of these people come with straight fire. Here are two tracks from a mixtape recently released featuring BUMP, YMR and other organizations with similar goals (R.E.A.L. H.A.R.D. and Youth Speaks), true2life

    What Im feeling about the projects is that the artists get to create the sound that they know. The people involved in organizing know enough about the "bay sound" to help them get there. Plus, they arent rapping about staying in school or some cheesy shit. While the messages are generally positive, they are spitting what they see, what they want to see, and what needs to get done to get there.

    Mi Barrio is reggaeton but with the dude Panama just KILLING it. Seriously one of the hypest performers...He, Rico and Big Dan who are also on the track just have an infectious swagger on stage and can get any audience amped. I pretty much hate reggaeton, but when they perform this track, it really knocks.

    The Bay is an homage to this spot. You know what it is.

    I just wanted to throw these tracks up before I get my hands on the full length YMR album which has one of the most ridiculous songs ever.
    Stay Tuned for that shit cause the track im thinking of is pretty bananas.

    By the way, endless respect to the people who work with the youth, amazing things gwaaaaan. I feel really fortunate to have been introduced to a lot of the artists and I know many of em will make a dent somehow. To have been asked to do cuts on the BUMP album was a huge honor and I hope to be working with them even more.

    (By the way, excuse my writing. If i told you why my brains are liquified, I would have to kill you)
  • Thursday, July 28, 2005

    Sprinkle Me Baby.

    40 Water is back!!!! Check his verse on the first joint. 2 New jams from Southern Smoke 20. Fizzle and Lil' Jon is soundin like a nice combo! HYPHY...

  • E-40 feat. Lil' Scrappy and Bohagon-Pussy N****z

  • Trillville feat. E-40 & Lil' Jon-I'm Pimpin

    *capski notes: real saucy, real flossy